Manufacturing Facility : Decal Plant and Mould Unit

Decal Plant and Design Studio: Decal production at Shinepukur started in August 2001, where the machineries were sourced from Germany. Total Printing Capacity is about 120,000 Sheets per month, starting from single color up to 8 Colors with Gold/Platinum, both On-glaze (840 degrees Celsius) and In-glaze (1220 degrees Celsius), and completely Lead and Cadmium Free. The Company has set up Designing Studio in the Plant in 2005. From March 2010, the Production capacity of Shinepukur’s Decal Plant has been increased to 180,000 Sheets per month, including additional 60,000 Sheets per month. The Machineries of this Decal Plant were sourced from Germany.

Particulars   Initial Capacity (2001)   Current Capacity (2011)
Printing   120,000 sheets per month   180,000 sheets per month
Color separation (with Gold/ Platinum)   Single to 8 colors   Up to 22 colors